Where is Pragelato ski school located?

Our national ski and snowboard school is located in Pragelato, located in the upper Val Chisone, in the Vialattea ski area, just 85 km from Turin. Our school is located a stone’s throw from the baby ski slope, the perfect place to take your first steps on the snow and make your mountain experience unforgettable.

The world of skiing for the youngest

We want to create a fun and supportive environment for all children: our teaching is based on technique as much as learning to enjoy the days spent on the snow. Our instructors are specialized in teaching ski lessons for children, with activities designed around the learning of the youngest.

Attention to safety

Our instructors will be by your children’s side throughout the lesson, guaranteeing not only high-level teaching, but also constant monitoring of the situation. In our ski lessons for children, we combine fun with teaching, involving the little ones in a learning path that will make them complete, safe, and experienced skiers. We have developed courses and lessons suitable for different levels of experience, allowing everyone to enter the magical world of alpine skiing.

Learning to ski to grow

Skiing has extremely positive effects on development, combining interacting with others with the beauty of playing and learning outdoors. Children’s ski school helps to improve physical stability and increases coordination of movements. On top of that, learning to ski will help them increase their self-esteem and confidence in themselves and others, allowing them to also create a strong problem-solving ability.

Experience levels

No matter what level of experience your children have, they will find a teaching that suits their needs.


Tassi – Beginner
The Tassi lessons are designed around play and fun as means of learning to ski. The Tassi group was created for children who have already acquired the basics of skiing and know how to take the ski lift independently.


Lepri – Intermediate
For children who want to try longer slopes with a little more difficulty, we have created the Lepri group. We will accompany them on the chairlift and on new routes, helping them to explore the beauty of skiing in all its facets.


Volpi – Advanced
A class for children who want to perfect their technique, control, and learn to ski safely. Jumps, off-piste and targeted exercises will help to make your children’s experience on the snow even more engaging and fun. Whenever additional teaching and precautions are needed for the transition from one class to another, a one-on-one lesson can always be organized.